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  • Diverse user base
  • Easy to use interface
  • Discreet and secure platform
  • Variety of relationship options
  • Uncertainty of compatibility
  • Limited user base
  • Inability to filter for certain criteria
  • Lack of safety features
  • Unreliable matching algorithms


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Is Feeld the Ideal Place for Singles Seeking Love?


Feeld is an online dating and social networking app that provides a safe space for people to explore their sexuality, gender identity, and relationship preferences. It was launched in 2014 by Dimo Trifonov as 3nder (“thrinder”) before rebranding itself as Feeld in 2016. The platform has over 1 million active users from all around the world who are looking for meaningful connections or casual encounters with other like-minded individuals.

The target audience of Feeld includes singles, couples, polyamorous relationships seekers; anyone seeking open relationships or non-monogamous lifestyles can find what they need on this platform. People interested in exploring kinks and fetishes also have access to plenty of options here – making it one of the most diverse dating apps out there today!

In terms of features offered by Feeld – apart from its matchmaking capabilities – users can join discussion groups where they can talk about anything related to love & sex without judgement or fear being shamed publicly; they also get access to exclusive events hosted both offline & online throughout different cities worldwide! Plus: you don’t even need Facebook account create your profile so privacy is guaranteed too!

Currently available only on iOS devices but Android version will be released soon enough), the app enjoys immense popularity across 5 countries namely US , UK , Australia , Canada & New Zealand . Although some basic services such as creating a profile are free – premium membership plans start at $7 per month which unlocks additional features such signing up anonymously etc .

If you’re interested in trying out this amazing service then registering process couldn’t be simpler : All you gotta do is download it via App Store/Google Play store after which simply follow instructions given within application !

How Does Feeld Work?

Feeld is a unique dating app that allows users to find like-minded people for relationships, friendships and even casual encounters. It offers an innovative approach to meeting new people by allowing users to search based on their own interests and preferences. Users can create profiles with photos, videos, descriptions of themselves as well as what they are looking for in potential partners or friends. They also have the option of setting up private chats with other members if desired. The app has over 10 million active monthly users from around the world including Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and USA making it one of the most popular apps out there today!

The Feeld App works by providing its user base access to different types of individuals who share similar interests or lifestyles such as those seeking long term relationships through more traditional methods such as online dating sites; singles searching for casual encounters; couples exploring polyamory options; open minded adults interested in alternative sexual experiences; swingers looking for group fun activities etc… All these categories allow each individual member maximum flexibility when finding compatible matches according to their personal needs & desires while maintaining complete privacy at all times thanks its secure platform design which prevents any unwanted contact outside your profile circle unless you decide otherwise yourself!

Users can easily browse through thousands upon thousands profiles using powerful filters so they don’t waste time scrolling endlessly without results – this includes location filtering where you only see matches within your area (or further away depending on how adventurous you feel). You can also filter gender preference whether male/female/nonbinary etc., age range & lifestyle choices among many others – giving everyone plenty opportunities discover someone special no matter what type relationship goal might be after signing up!. Additionally Feeld provides various features help make connections easier between two parties: instant messaging services , video chat capabilities , virtual gifts exchange system plus much more !

Lastly but not least important : Feesd ensures safety security measures both physical data protection levels . This means everything shared stored safely securely never revealed anyone else except whom granted permission do so . Furthermore customer service team available 24 7 provide assistance needed whenever required ensuring experience remains smooth enjoyable possible !

  • 1.Private Photo Albums: Keep your photos and memories private with Feeld’s secure photo albums.
  • 2. Discreet Mode: Hide from friends, family, or coworkers by using the discreet mode feature to keep your profile hidden from view on the app.
  • 3. Matching Algorithm: Find potential matches quickly and easily through Feeld’s advanced matching algorithm that takes into account compatibility factors like interests, lifestyle choices, values and more!
  • 4. Group Chatting Feature: Get to know other users in a safe space by joining group chats hosted within the app where you can discuss topics of interest or just get acquainted with one another without any pressure of commitment or exclusivity required!
  • 5. Location-Based Search Filters : Narrow down search results based on location so you can find someone nearby who shares similar interests as yourself for an even better chance at finding true love (or something else!).
  • 6 .Feeld Verified Badge : Show off that you are real person verified by our team when displaying this badge next to your profile name – it adds an extra layer of trustworthiness for those looking for genuine connections online!

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Feeld app is a straightforward process. First, you will need to provide your email address and create a username and password. You can then choose whether you are registering as an individual or couple, select your gender identity (if applicable), indicate what type of relationship(s) you’re looking for, enter some basic information about yourself such as age range and location preferences, answer some optional questions about yourself that help other users get to know more about who they might be interested in meeting up with online. Once all these details have been submitted successfully the user will receive an activation link via their provided email address which needs to be clicked before being able access their account properly; this helps verify that it is indeed them using the service so others feel safe when engaging with potential partners through Feeld’s platform. After registration has been completed users can start browsing profiles based on different criteria like interests or physical characteristics; if someone catches their eye they may decide to reach out by sending messages directly from within the app itself – this requires payment though unless both parties mutually match each other first since messaging otherwise would require either party paying for premium membership privileges depending upon how many credits were purchased at once prior signup/registration time . The minimum required age limit set by Feeld in order begin dating on its platform is 18 years old while there no cost associated with signing up initially- however certain features available after successful registration do come at additional costs per usage basis depending upon particular feature chosen use respectively!

  • 1.Provide a valid email address.
  • 2. Create a username and password that meets the site’s security requirements.
  • 3. Agree to abide by the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Feeld users.
  • 4. Confirm age is 18 or over, as required by law in most countries where Feeld operates (or confirm parental consent if under 18).
  • 5 .Provide payment information for any applicable registration fees or subscription services offered on the platform (if applicable).
  • 6 .Verify your account via an emailed link sent after registering with basic details such as name, gender identity/sexual orientation etc., depending on what type of profile you are creating within Feeld’s community guidelines and preferences set forth in their terms & conditions page prior to signing up.. 7 .Complete additional optional questions about yourself when prompted during sign-up process which may include physical attributes, interests/hobbies etc., so other members can better understand who you are before connecting with them online through messaging features available within this app.. 8 .Upload at least one photo of yourself that adheres to all standards set out in our Photo Guidelines section found here: [link]

Design and Usability of Feeld

The Feeld app has a modern and sleek design with colors that are pleasing to the eye. The color palette is mainly black, white, and grey which creates an elegant atmosphere. Navigation through the app is easy due to its intuitive user interface; users can quickly find profiles of other people by using search filters or swiping left/right on suggested matches. Usability wise, it’s simple enough for anyone to use without any prior knowledge of how apps work in general. With a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as better profile customization options and more detailed search results when looking for potential partners or friends online.

User Profile Quality

The user profiles on Feeld are public, meaning anyone can view them. Users have the option to set a custom bio and include pictures of themselves as well. There is no “friends” feature or anything similar; instead users connect with each other through conversations in chats and forums. Privacy settings available to users allow for control over who sees their profile, such as hiding it from friends or people they know personally. Additionally, there is an optional Google or Facebook sign-in feature that allows for faster registration but also requires extra security measures due to potential fake accounts created by malicious actors online . Location info in user profiles includes city information which cannot be hidden unless you choose not to provide any location data at all when creating your account – this may limit some features though since distance between two members will then be unknown (unless both parties agree on revealing locations). Premium subscriptions offer additional benefits like increased visibility of one’s profile so more people could find it easier compared with free membership options where certain limitations apply regarding how many likes/swipes per day are allowed etc..


Feeld is a dating website and app that caters to singles, couples, and groups looking for relationships of all kinds. The site has many features including an interactive chatroom, profile customization options such as gender identity preferences or sexual orientation selection choices. It also offers the ability to join group chats with other users who share similar interests or desires. Feeld’s main advantages are its privacy settings which allow members to remain anonymous while still being able to communicate with others on the platform; it also provides access to people from different countries around the world so you can meet someone new without having geographical limitations holding you back. One disadvantage of using Feeld is that there isn’t much in terms of user verification processes which could lead some users into potentially dangerous situations if they don’t take proper precautions when meeting up with strangers online.

The difference between Feeld’s website and app lies mainly in their design elements: whereas both offer essentially the same services (chatrooms/profile customizations), their visual layout differs significantly depending on whether one uses mobile devices or computers/laptops – this includes things like font size differences as well as navigation buttons placement within each interface respectively . At present time however there is no dedicated feeld dating site available for use by web browsers – though due largely in part because most modern smartphones now have larger screens than ever before making them ideal platforms upon which apps like those offered by feeld can be used more effectively than would otherwise be possible through traditional desktop based sites alone .

Safety & Security

Feeld is a secure and safe dating app that takes the security of its users seriously. It has implemented various measures to ensure that only real people are using the platform, such as verification methods for users, manual photo reviews and two-factor authentication options. The verification process starts with an email address or phone number which must be provided in order to create an account on Feeld. Once this information is verified by sending a confirmation code via SMS or email, then additional details can be added like profile pictures and personal bio information. All photos uploaded onto Feeld will go through manual review before they become visible publicly on profiles; this helps prevent any inappropriate content from being posted online while also helping protect against bots and fake accounts attempting to join the community illegally. Additionally, there is also a two-factor authentication option available where users can add extra layers of protection when logging into their account by entering both their password along with another form of identification such as biometric data (fingerprint) or facial recognition technology (Face ID). When it comes to privacy policy at Feeld all user data collected during registration including contact details will remain confidential unless otherwise stated in accordance with applicable laws governing use & disclosure thereof . Furthermore ,all payment transactions made within fee ld’s platform are encrypted securely so no third party accesses your financial information without authorization

Pricing and Benefits

Feeld App – Free or Paid Subscription?

The popular dating app, Feeld, is free to download and use. However, if users want additional features they must purchase a paid subscription. This article will discuss the pros and cons of getting a paid subscription on Feeld as well as provide information about pricing options and cancellation policies.

Benefits of Getting A Paid Subscription On Feeld:

  • Unlimited access to messaging with other members
  • Access to exclusive events hosted by the company
  • Ability to customize your profile for better visibility in searches

Pricing Options & Refunds: The prices for subscriptions vary depending on how long you commit; one month costs $9.99/month while three months cost $7.99/month ($23 total). These are competitive rates compared with similar apps that offer monthly plans at around $15-20 per month so it’s worth considering signing up for an extended period if you plan on using the service regularly over time! Additionally, there is no refund policy once payment has been made but users can cancel their membership anytime before renewal date without penalty or fees charged (except any applicable taxes).

Do Users Really Need A Paid Subscription On Feeld? Ultimately it depends what kind of user experience someone wants from this app – those who just want basic functionality may not need a paid subscription whereas those looking for more advanced features like unlimited messaging might find value in upgrading their account status through purchasing one!

Help & Support

Feeld is an online platform that offers support to its users. There are several ways in which you can access this help and advice.

The first way to get assistance on Feeld is by visiting their Help page, where they provide answers to commonly asked questions as well as general information about the service. This page also provides links for contacting customer service via email or phone if your query isn’t answered there. The response time from customer services when contacted through these channels tends to be quite quick; usually within a few hours depending on how busy they are at any given moment.

Another option available for getting help with Feeld is using their live chat feature, located at the bottom of every page of the website and app interface (if applicable). Through this feature you can speak directly with one of their representatives who will be able answer any queries or concerns you may have quickly and efficiently – generally speaking, it’s possible to receive a reply within minutes! Additionally, if your question has already been answered elsewhere then simply typing it into the chat box should bring up some helpful results right away without having wait for someone else’s input..

Finally, another useful resource offered by Feeld comes in form of community forums where members share tips & tricks related topics such as troubleshooting issues etc., so checking out those could prove beneficial too! All-in-all accessing support from them shouldn’t take much effort – just remember that all options mentioned above exist and make sure not hesitate reach out whenever necessary!


1. Is Feeld safe?

Feeld is a safe and secure platform for users to explore their sexuality. The app has taken great steps to ensure that its user base remains anonymous, protecting them from any potential harm or judgement. All conversations are encrypted with end-to-end encryption technology, which means only the sender and receiver can read messages sent through Feeld. Additionally, all data collected by the app is stored securely on servers located in countries with strong privacy laws such as Ireland and Luxembourg. Furthermore, Feeld also offers an optional two factor authentication feature so users can add an extra layer of security when logging into their account each time they use it

2. Is Feeld a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Feeld is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2014 and currently boasts over 1 million members worldwide. The platform allows people to explore their sexuality in an open-minded environment without judgment or prejudice. With its innovative features such as group chats, private messaging, photo sharing and more, it offers a safe space for those looking to find like-minded partners for relationships of all kinds – from casual hookups to long term commitments. Whether you’re seeking someone special or just want some fun companionship along the way – Feeld provides an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable expressing themselves authentically and exploring whatever connection they desire freely!

3. How to use Feeld app?

Feeld is an app designed to help people explore their sexuality and find like-minded partners. It can be used by individuals, couples or groups of any gender identity or sexual orientation. To use the Feeld app, users must first create a profile that includes basic information such as age, location and interests. They then have access to a variety of features including private chat rooms where they can connect with other members in real time; virtual spaces for exploring fantasies; filters which allow them to search for potential matches based on criteria such as age range and distance from home; matchmaking tools which enable users to meet up with others who share similar interests or desires; discovery options allowing them browse through profiles without having direct contact with anyone else if desired; anonymous mode so no one knows you are using the service unless you choose otherwise ;and event listings showing upcoming activities related to sex education topics near your area. With all these features available at your fingertips it’s easy see why Feeld has become increasingly popular among those looking for new ways express themselves sexually!

4. Is Feeld free?

Feeld is a free app that allows users to explore their sexuality and find others who share similar interests. The basic version of the app is completely free, with no hidden fees or subscription costs. However, there are some features available for purchase in the form of "In-App Purchases" which can enhance your experience on Feeld by unlocking additional options such as private albums and more detailed profile information about other members. Overall, Feeld provides an accessible platform for those looking to express themselves freely without having to worry about any extra financial commitments.

5. Is Feeld working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Feeld is working and you can find someone there. The app has been around since 2014 and it offers a unique way for people to connect with each other in meaningful ways. With its easy-to-use interface, users are able to create profiles that include their interests, preferences, relationship status (single or couple), sexual orientation(s) as well as any kinks they may have. Users also have the ability to search for potential matches based on location or even specific criteria such as age range and gender identity/expression. Additionally, Feeld allows couples looking for third parties join the platform together so they can both be involved in finding someone who fits into their dynamic perfectly! All of these features make it easier than ever before to meet new people online without having to go through all of the traditional dating methods like bars or clubs – making it an ideal option if you’re looking for something more casual but still want a connection with another person beyond just physical attraction alone!


In conclusion, Feeld is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. Its design and usability are excellent; it’s easy to navigate the interface and quickly connect with potential matches. Safety and security measures are also top-notch, allowing users to feel secure while using the platform. Help & support options provide useful resources when needed as well as contact information in case of an emergency or urgent issue arises. Lastly, user profile quality is quite good overall – profiles contain plenty of helpful details that allow you to get a better understanding of your match before deciding whether they’re right for you or not. All things considered, Feeld offers an enjoyable experience that allows its users to easily find compatible partners without any hassle!

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